We identify, implement and maintain customized AI solutions for and with corporate partners.

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  • “Supported by the AI experts from Tübingen, we quickly identified, prioritized and successfully implemented first use-cases for deep learning within PAYBACK.”
    Michael Nachtigäller
    Head of Insights, PAYBACK
  • “In a masterclass format, the experts from Layer7 AI provided us with a comprehensive overview over the field of AI - explaining which problems AI can already solve today, where limitations still exist and how companies can reap the benefits that AI holds for them.”
    Daniel Schüler
    Product Lifecycle Manager, AEB

Use-Case Examples

Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to, the following use-cases:


Predictive planning

Our model is able to predict future sales levels more accurately by leveraging private and public data sources – also taking into account complex non-linear relationships within the data. Your benefits include: freed-up liquidity through reduced inventory levels, optimized supply chain activities and less unattractive sell-off/discount campaigns.


Automated reject-rate reduction

Our AI model is able to derive the optimal machine parameter settings that minimize reject rates given differing conditions. Your benefits include: lower scrap rates, less manual work and higher throughput rates.


Computer-vision based quality assurance

Our model is able to automatically detect defective parts with the help of the newest computer vision techniques. Your benefits include: a more accurate and less volatile quality assessment, less manual work and higher customer satisfaction due to lower returns.


Personalized marketing campaign

Our model is able to predict when to optimally approach a customer with the right product offering, through the right channel at the right time. Your benefits include: increased customer engagement levels, higher customer retention and maximized customer lifetime value.

Looking for another use-case?

We support you along the entire journey, from understanding and conceptualizing AI use-cases over testing and deploying customized AI solutions to ultimately educating and enabling your employees to drive your own AI agenda.


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